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PD+USB Car charger

EGP 310

Spark Berry chargers are the best choice for charging your mobile phone because it is strong and durable and also features smart charging that determines the amount of power needed to charge your smartphone. British Spark Berry batteries and chargers are certified by Apple and Huawei. PD port car charger with 36-watt Qualcomm port made of aluminum * Charger characteristics * Charger type: (iSmart) identifies the device type so that it provides the necessary and appropriate energy to charge the device quickly and safely and maintain the quality of the battery. * Charger Features * - Overcurrent protection. - Overvoltage protection - Short circuit protection. - Protection to prevent overcharging of the phone. It is made of fire-resistant materials. Short circuit protection. - Overheat protection for the charger. - Signal noise blocker. Available colors: Red - Black All SparkBerry products have a two-year guarantee. Your safety is guaranteed with Fedco Group. You can order by sending a message on the official page

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