Spark Berry Egypt

cable Micro 3A supports fast charging, 2M cloth reinforced

EGP 180

Micro 3A cable supports fast charging, reinforced with fabric
SparkBerry cable supports 3A fast charging
The most important specifications of SparkBerry Cable: - Reinforced with fabric for greater protection from splitting, cutting and heat - Resistant to cut
- Made of fire-resistant materials
- Resistant to breaking and bending
- Steel laser welded with the head of the phone withstands 100 kilograms of force
- Premium zinc metal, professionally polished to reach the highest standards of beauty and fluidity
Internal wire specifications based on the highest American quality standards
Available colors: gray and gold
Length: 2 meters
All SparkBerry products are guaranteed by the exclusive agent, Fedco Group, for two full years
You guarantee your safety with Fedco Group
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Availabe Colors :

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